SFTR Implementation

Finperform is being retained by leading Tier 2 banks to implement SFTR.

Securities Financing Transaction Reporting (SFTR) is an EU regulation which aims to bring transparency and reporting requirements for all the “shadow banking” activities of financial institutions, primarily relating to Securities Financing.

The regulation covers four types of transactions

  1. repurchase transactions (repos)
  2. Securities / Commodities Lending and Borrowing
  3. Margin Lending
  4. Buy Sell Back / Sell Buy Back

The reporting obligation comes into force from April 2020 for Banks, followed by July 2020 for CCPs, and in October 2020 for AIFs and other financial counterparties and in January 2021 for Non Financial Counterparties.

Finperform has experienced consultants who are implementing SFTR for their clients.  We are hands on, practical experts who are delivering SFTR for our client base. Please get in touch if you require further information.