What we do

We live and breathe Data. We are here to help organisations to build a solid foundation for their data ambitions. We do everything to ensure that the data creates the best value for the organisation.

Who we are

At Finperform consulting, we come from a variety of backgrounds all specialised in Financial Services organisations. We have data specialists, project managers, accountants, developers, business analysts, risk managers, policy specialists in our mix.


Finperform’s clients include a variety of financial services organisations, many of them are Tier 1 Global Banks. We have delivered programs which spans across multiple continents and various business functions. Please see our projects page for further information on some of our projects.

Thought leadership

We publish a number of thought leadership articles and blog posts to share our thoughts on the latest trends on Data Governance, Data Quality and other data related topics.

5 Steps for Successful SFTR Implementation

For those financial institutions that are involved in Securities Financing related activities, the deadline for SFTR Implementation is fast approaching.  There are a number of surveys being published by various industry sources which point to either complacent approach or lack of preparation ahead of SFTR deadline of April 2020. Finperform has been helping financial institutions […]

Do you know the 5 tricks that exposes the Bullsh!t in Data?

In today’s world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we are constantly bombarded with sleuths of reports and analysis on anything and everything. It is a constant struggle to understand which of them is good and which is of them is utter Bullsh!t. Firstly we have to define what is Bullsh!t when it comes to data. […]

Is your Data Governance program doomed to fail?

Over the last few years, I have been privileged to be part of great folks in the Data world, especially around Data Governance. Through my personal experiences as a Data Governance consultant and my interactions with fellow data governance professionals, a Data Governance program is heading for disaster if the following 4 pillars to a […]

What is a Critical Data Element (CDE) or Key Data Element (KDE)?

Once an organisation wants to implement Data Governance Programs, the next step is to scope the program to a few selected data elements in the organisation. My opinion is that a Successful Data Governance program should start with identification of Critical Data Elements (CDEs) or Key Data Elements (KDEs).  These CDEs or KDEs form the […]

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